spiritual restructuring

spiritual restructuring

SpR (spiritual restructuring) is a healing modality

The human body contains all knowledge, wisdom, light and understanding of the Universe and is the physical vehicle of SPIRIT; It has its own innate intelligence and knows what it needs in order to heal itself.

This system is based on the following assumptions:
Universal healing energy exists and is available to everyone.
Thought follows intention
SPIRIT does the healing
The body has intelligence
The Law of Mind Action

SpR (spiritual restructuring) is a healing modality
Identifying and releasing energies that has created problems and has contributed to mental, emotional and physical trauma.
Correcting muscle imbalances, which allow the bones, tissues to return to their proper position.
Releasing blocks and negative energies from organs and glands to allow the healing energy to flow through.
Balancing Chakras, Aura and body functions.

A session involves;
Relaxing with calming music
Full body energy scan
Researching the root of the problem
Adjustments if needed
Balancing Chakras
Activating energies in the Auric field

First Session

£85 (one hour)

Follow-up Session

£42.50 (half hour)

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Marja Vraets-Guliker is certified by the Spiritual Response Association