courses & workshops

SRT, SpR, Octave of Learning, Chakra balancing & healing and Dowsing for health workshops and courses one-to-one and in groups in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. Marja teaches online courses learning from the comfort of your own home. 

Courses are: 

  • Available in English and in Dutch 
  • Available on request outside planned dates
  • Available ONLY in person in Forest Row, East Sussex
  • Please contact Marja for more information
  • Courses & workshops can be paid for securely through PayPal

Basic SRT Course

Learn how to clear the subconscious mind from negative programs, energies and blocks.

3 full days in person

£480 (incl. class material)

Dates 2024

In Forest Row, 3 full days

Sep. 20,21 and 22

For information please contact Marja

In the basic course learn how to:
Connect with your higher self
Clear negative energies and blocks from the subconscious mind
Replace with positive
Work on your self and your family
Open to a brighter and happier future
Research present life programs established in past lives.
Find more details here.

Advanced SRT Course

Learn how to work with SRT at a professional level and Spiritual Healing Techniques.

3 full days in person

£540 (incl. class material)

Dates 2024

In Forest Row, 3 full days

Oct. 18, 19, 20

For information please contact Marja

In the advanced course learn how to:
Work with the complete system
Research past life programs
Do a full clearing of the akashic records
Clear blocks in the Soul consciousness
Clear blocks to positive expression
Apply spiritual healing
Do brain restructuring
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Refresh sessions available on request

One hour £42.50

2 hours £85

6 sessions £255

Spiritual Restructuring Course (SpR)

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is a powerful healing modality working with chakras and energies.

6 full days in person

£900 (incl. class material, refreshments and lunches)

Dates 2024

In Forest Row, 6 full days

Part 1: 3 full days Nov 1, 2, 3

Part 2: 3 full days Nov 8, 9, 10

In the Netherlands, 6 full days.
November 16 – 21
(in Dutch)

In the SpR course learn how to:
Identify and release energies that have created problems and contributed to mental, emotional and physical trauma
Correct muscle imbalances, which allow the bones, tissues to return to their proper position
Release blocks and negative energies from organs and glands to allow the healing energy to flow through
Balance Chakras, Aura and body functions
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Octave of Learning

Individual Program of Self Growth.
8 Steps online
in 2024

from May 7 in English,

from May 9 in Dutch

£240/approx €280

In this course you learn:
How to change your life challenges and how to transform your negative beliefs into positive. In 8 steps over 8 weeks (1 hour per week). Find more details here.

Octave of Learning Workbook

£18 delivered within the UK
£26 delivered overseas
available in English and Dutch

Octave of Learning Teacher training

2-Day training to teach this 8-step program of self growth to help clients through the steps


In this 2-day course learn:
How to guide your clients/students through 8 steps to transform their life challenges. (SRT Advanced required). Find more details here.

Chakra Healing; Colouring your Soul

How chakras get out of balance and how to get them into harmony. Full day workshop (4 hours 10-12am and 2-4pm).

Dowsing for Health; identifying benefits for health and wellbeing

Learn to dowse for health and wellbeing and how emotions effect the body functions. 3-hour workshop.

Marja Vraets-Guliker is certified by the Spiritual Response Association