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Love your life, Love yourself. Allow yourself to receive all the blessings of this Universe. Let go of the old and connect with your Higher Self to reach your true potential

New online The Octave of Learning
8 evenings from the 8th of May.
8 steps through the energy fields of the chakras

Welcome to the home of full spectrum at crystal colour with Marja Vraets-Guliker

Full Spectrum Therapy is a combination of SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), SpR (Spiritual Restructuring), Light, Colour, Sound, Vibrational Healing and Life Coaching.

spiritual response therapy

Clearing blocks, fears, beliefs and negative energies from past, present and future lives. Replacing with positive to open to a brighter and happier life… find out more.

courses and workshops

Individual and group workshops in the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands… find out more.

octave of learning

This 8-step programme is a course to develop Self-Growth. It is designed for all people who have the desire to grow and raise their awareness… find out more.

spiritual restructuring

The human body contains all knowledge, wisdom, light and understanding of the Universe and is the physical vehicle of SPIRIT; It has its own innate intelligence and knows what it needs in order to heal itself… find out more.

light therapy

Work with colour, light, crystals and sound improves health and well being on all levels. This work is based on Spiritual Psychology and aids to counter the effects of stress on the mental, emotional and physical bodies… find out more.

Marja Vraets-Guliker is an SRT/SpR consultant, Teacher, Therapist and Life Coach. Marja uses Spiritual Response Therapy, Family Tree clearing, Octave of Learning, Spiritual Restructuring as well as Light, Colour and Sound for balancing the Physical and Auric Vibration.

Based in Forest Row, East Sussex, UK, consulting and teaching groups and individuals. From 2022 courses are only available in person. Sessions in person and on-line.

Would you like to know what SRT involves? Or want to know more about other therapies?

Contact Marja to book a free information session.
Mob: +44 (0)7884370250
email: marja@crystalcolour.co.uk

“I have had several SRT clearings and many consultations with Marja while studying her 8 Step Octave course. The clearings are wonderful, I very much recommend them. I also found the course fascinating and have become very much more aware and empowered to make transforming choices. My life is becoming increasingly colourful and satisfying… thank you Marja!”

“Marja’s SRT clearings are life changing! I highly recommend her courses and healing sessions.” 

“Soon after the first SRT course I felt that a powerful tool was given in my hand. I am now able to help myself and others to stay on a clear and positive path.”

Marja Vraets-Guliker is certified by the Spiritual Response Association