octave of learning

octave of learning

Individual programme of self growth in 8 steps with one-to-one coaching

This programme is a course to develop self-growth. Designed for all people who have the desire to grow and raise their awareness. The course takes you in 8 steps through 8 energy fields. You will recognise your beliefs, patterns and reactions as we learn the workings of the chakras. Each step helps you to learn more about yourself and how you interact with others. Change Your Life – Understand the Chakras – Raise your awareness – Look at your Life Challenges – Improve your relationships.

“I consulted Marja many times, a meeting of about once a month or so, and found her consultation so helpful in all aspects of life, I am very happy and thankful to have met her, and the tools that were introduced to me through her.”

By learning we grow. Life is about meeting. By meeting others, we meet our-Selves.

Awareness is a state of Consciousness that allows you to be in charge of your life.

Being in charge gives you the freedom to change your life.

The ‘Octave of Learning’ is used within the programme as a framework, which is linked to the Chakras.  Eight steps are taken to raise the awareness from low – to a higher- awareness of Self, as you go from the Base/Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra. An ‘Octave’ in music takes you from low-C to high- C as from “do, re, mi, …”, when you sing.  Every Chakra has its own colour and frequency and relates to these notes. These energies affect a specific area of the Body through which the Mind expresses its-Self to life. These fields should be clear and in balance for positive expression and experiences.

The first and most important step in the process is ‘Grounding’. A strong connection with the Earth gives you a strong base to life. Body, Mind and Soul can only express in a positive way and get aligned with Spirit, when the base is secure. Awareness of Presence, Desire to express and Faith in Self and Life are the first three steps to be taken before we are able to make a change in life. In the fourth step we learn how to balance the energies of the Heart. Love of Self enables us to love others unconditionally. This requires Acceptance and Letting go. The next three steps aim for Setting and Working on Goals and positive thoughts. Visualisation opens to intuition and guidance.  Finally in the eighth step we can use our inner light to illuminate the path that leads us to our true potential.  By directing our strong qualities to weaker areas, we can CHANGE OUR LIVES.

Octave of Learning

8 Steps from May 9, 2024 in Dutch

8 Steps from May 7, 2024 in English

£240.00/approx €280.00

Online 1 evening per week

The Octave of Learning Workbook, with pictures and meditations (Paperback). Write about your fears and beliefs. Write out your new beliefs. Add visualisation and focus. Create a more positive, brighter and happier future.


£18 delivered within the UK


£26 delivered overseas

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Available in English and Dutch.
NEW – Teacher training for the Octave of Learning.

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Marja Vraets-Guliker is certified by the Spiritual Response Association