about Marja

about Marja

I was born in Holland and had my place in a lively family as the seventh of nine children. My father had a successful business and my mother was the rock of the family home.

As a child I loved playing “hospital”. It was therefore no surprise that I trained and worked as a nurse. I then worked in child care and my path was strongly pulled into exploring therapies.

I completed my training in Art Therapy based on Rudolf Steiner‘s Anthroposophic philosophy and worked for over 12 years with individuals and small groups, using Art as a medium to reconnect the soul with the mental, emotional and physical body. These artistic processes became gateways into understanding Nature and the Human Being.

In 1996, I moved to the UK with my 4 children and after settling in, I discovered the White Lodge Healing Centre, whose aim is to support the harmonious awakening of the whole human being.

There, I did further training in Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy and Spiritual Psychology.

Through networking, I heard about Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and felt strongly drawn to following the intensive program to become an established practitioner, consultant and teacher.

Having found SRT and working with this fantastic system, I felt that my true potential opened up. Great insight into my own past, present and future life gave me a fuller understanding of my existence as an eternal being. Working in close connection with my Higher Self and following the spiritual guidance has given me direction and purpose in helping myself, my family and many others.

I use the SRT and SpR on a daily basis as a consultant and coach people through their life challenges using ‘the octave of learning’ and SCC (Superconcious Communication).

I refer to this work as spiritual, rather than psychic, because I work in partnership with SPIRIT, whose purpose here is to promote highest and best understanding and healing. The intention is spiritual healing, and only the information that is pertinent to a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and well-being will be accessed. This information may shed light on current circumstances in your life, revealing negative patterns that you may subsequently choose to change. I do not “tell the future,” as your soul alone knows what it will choose to experience in any moment of every life. Your own choices are the best predictors of future outcome, and this work will help you gain clarity for those choices.

Besides consultations I teach SRT/SpR to those who want to be trained to work on themselves, help their family and friends or work on a professional level. All workshops are intended to raise self-awareness and improve interactions with others.

Today, in my practice, I help business people, children, teachers, psychologists, unemployed, doctors, terminally ill patients and many others.


Marja Vraets-Guliker is certified by the Spiritual Response Association